September 14, 2010

Tuesday Tidbits: 3 good reads.

Here's a few good reads that will get your brain moving about various topics in the WoW world! I'm updating from school today (don't worry, my class was from 8-11 AM, I have the entire rest of the day to alternate studying/notes with browsing), and figured I would pick out some good reads for anyone passing by today.

Zinn at Jinxed Thoughts is leveling a lowbie blacksmith up through the roughest, toughest, most $$$ taxing, "my pocketbook is BURNING" part of the profession. Along with thoughts on how the dry spell started, there is also a great idea on how to fix the lack of mats in this area.

Zal has a great post hitting lots of high points on how "not to be seen" when out questing, pvping, or farming on a PvP server. Stealth not required. Quite a few funny and practical ones in there.

GloomLion is a new read for me, but says he has returned from the Twisting Nether to reintroduce you to a smooth post on how to find the right guild. Need a spoon to stir your thoughts? Hop over and read the post.

In addition, here is a blue post tidbit I picked up from MMO-Champion:

AQ20 has been converted to a 10 player raid.

Oh boy.

I'm excited! Eeeeee! I loved AQ and all the Egyptian-themed fun it held. I do, however, need to go farm my staff off Ossirian for my staff collection before it is turned into a level 85 weapon.

But wait. Is it going to "10 player level 85" or "10 player level 60?"

Hmm. I guess I'll have to dig deeper later, but probably the latter. I guess all my excitement was a little short-lived.

But for now... what if it were going to 85?

As far as the "reusing content" goes...I don't mind. It's been so long that redoing one raid from the old world per expansion isn't a terrible thing. I, for one, enjoy the old world content like many other people out there. I don't mind them taking and reusing one raid. Taking more than one is starting to look a little lazy and lame, as I am sure there are who knows how many people out there with raid ideas they have already submitted to Blizzard.

Or, if Blizzard hasn't done a "raid instance design contest" for a fancy schmancy new video card, I'm sure they will in the future. But, I'm betting they have plenty of content to keep them occupied for years to come.

On the other hand, I am sure people might feel slighted and declare that all their hard work from the past is being trampled upon. Perhaps, perhaps not. The player base has become smarter, more skilled, and more familiar with how the game mechanics work. Those are a few big things to consider when judging whether or not a reused instance will be hard or not. Even if we were all dumped back into the past with our old gear and old bosses, I am sure a majority of people who label themselves as "raiders" would quickly adapt to the fights.

It all depends on if the developers want to make AQ20 an entry level raid or reintroduce it sometime during Cataclysm. I guess we we will have to see. Maybe they are just converting it for the sake of consistency--right now it is only a 20 man instance and that makes things difficult when deciding what portion of that should be guildies (for achievements/guild experience).

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