September 13, 2010

Spotlight: Kirina's Closet

The past few days I've been toying with making a few posts about the many outfits I carry around on my three main toons. I have concluded that I am really a RPer in disguise, stuck on a plain old PvP server. My other toons are on a Normal server. The other day, I decided that to add some spice back into my WoW life I would make a toon on a RP server. I chose Feathermoon! So far, all I have is a level 2 gnome mage because 1) I really want a gnome priest and 2) I really want a priest in general but don't want to be a dwarf or human. Hmm. I think I will probably actually go with Night Elf, since most of her adventures will be exploring old world content for pretty things.

Which leads me to the blog that I stumbled upon today, Kirina's Closet!

I'm a sucker for cute outfits in WoW, and Kirina has hit everything perfectly! She's got dozens of oufits ready to put together, you just need to gather the clothing/items. For example, she's got a really cute Hallow's End outfit that you find on her site:

I spent a few minutes peeking around her blog, and can't wait to go in depth later this evening and pick out some cute ones to try. I may even make a few posts of my own on the cute outfits hiding in my banks!

Cheers to you Kirina for having one of the neatest blogs out there!


  1. I saw your link in my site stats. ^_^ Thanks for the post! I'm glad my site is helpful, and I hope you find your cutest outfit!


  2. You are welcome! I adore your site, it's very creative! Definitely time to drop by and work on my Hallow's End outfit, hehe.