September 10, 2010

Guild Reputation Rewards (So Far)

While I write up this post, here is a picture of the new lion guild reward mount. This mount comes from achieving the "Dungeon Diplomat" achievement which requires the following reputations to be at exalted. Many of these can be done before Cataclysm, it seems.

Better get to crackin'!

Also, here are all the guild reputation rewards (so far). You can check Wowhead (the cataclysm version) to see the corresponding guild achievements. For example, the Reins of the Golden King, aka, "the lion mount" requires the "Dungeon Diplomat" Achievement.

Be forewarned, lots of pictures to load.

Next post will be the current guild achievements that we can start working on right now.


  1. just discoved you blog :) nice to see Beta stuff! keep it up

  2. Yay! Welcome! I will try to post as much as I can, mostly guild related information that will help everyone make the most of the time before Cataclysm =)

  3. Very impressive list there. I am curious to which beta server you're in. I ended up on the pve server and I sadly don't know anyone else on the server.

  4. I am on Lost Isles, you can find me as Sahteen or Teacupheals (my gnome priest). I usually don't get on until the weekend (classes/raiding during the week).

    It's a pretty big list -- I think some of the prices are bugged at the moment though. Obviously the helms won't cost 20,000g (gosh I hope not) but when I know more I'll update everything. =) MMO Champion will probably beat me to it.