September 08, 2010

BA Shared Topic Idea: Mementos

Shared Topic Idea: Mementos - What mementos have you kept and why?

This topic is asking: What items or mementos have you kept (in your toon's pack or bank) and why? Whether it be keepsakes, quest rewards, special items, random drops, whatever! - why did you decide to hang on to it? What's its significance to you?

Talk about as few or as many as you like, though probably best to limit it somewhat so you have room to explain why rather than simply listing every item in your bank.

Suggested by Feral Tree of FeralTree!

This is TOTALLY my kind of topic! Well, let's start with Llani and work our way down.

Llani has [Nolkai's Band] and [Nolkai's Lantern] in her pack at all times because they are such sweet mementos. They are found in [Nolkai's Box] which is the reward from the quest Nolkai's Words. The questline begins with the [Weathered Treasure Map] Nolkai was a night elf druid who lived on Bloodmyst Isle in the Draenei lands. His journal functions as the main guide for the quest, with the text:

"The enemy is nearly upon us. We've gathered up all the survivors and retreated to the temple to the east. It's the last ground we truly hold on the island, and there is a sense among the survivors that we will make our last stand here. I've taken care to bury my last few possessions on the grounds of the temple, with the hope that someone will find them and know what happened here."

Nolkai left his ring in the box with the hope that perhaps it would make it back to his significant other someday. Perhaps that elf was with him, who knows. I thought the ring was a sweet item to include in a box and I most definitely keep it always, along with the lantern.

On Mushee, I have four things that I keep just for fun. In reality, most of Mushee's bags could be completely emptied and I wouldn't miss a thing. It's because she's my youngest toon and doesn't really have anything that I would be devastated if I lost it.

This tabard was actually purchased with UDE points from the trading card game way back in the day. It means a lot to me because the points came from a giant card box given to me by a former flame for Valentine's day. We sat and opened all the cards together hoping for a spectral tiger, but, alas, no luck. So, I have kept the cards and intend to put them in a collector's binder similar to a baseball card binder. I love my tabard and will always keep it!

This staff is from Molten Core, off of Golemagg. He's a big molten rock type dude but I always thought this staff was unique and pretty. Because most people don't go to Molten Core anymore, you almost never see anyone wearing it for fun.

Pretty, isn't it!

My racecar is an old Christmas gift from 2008 from Blizzard. It summons a little car that you can use to chase other people's cars around and blow them up! Very fun gift.

On Nelena, I have a few things that mean a lot to me.

Of course. Nelena is a priest, why wouldn't her Benediction mean a lot to me! I managed to get this beautiful staff in BC, as I didn't have Nelena to 60 in Vanilla. She was around 50 when I picked her back up and BC was about to hit. Still, it is a beautiful staff and something not many new priests have.

The first and only other Will of Arlokk I have seen drop was taken from my original shaman by another shaman. I felt it should have gone to the druid but the shaman was being greedy. Then, he proceeded to take the first and only other Finkle's Lava Dredger I have seen drop too! One of my transmuters, Siffe, has a Finkle's that I play with a lot, and recently Nelena scored the awesome snake staff from Zul'Gurub too. Since ZG is being removed in Cataclysm, I am so happy I went to get it now.

I saved my ribbon to remind me of all the work I did on my two characters -- Nelena and Mushee the mage. It also reminds me that sometimes healers have the toughest job ever -- we are always healing, watching the raid, and making sure people stay alive.

Who wouldn't keep their Ruby Slippers? I kept these simply because they're amazing! The flavor text always makes me smile, and they are fun to play around in.

Another item that I kept simply because of the name. I always try to be a spark of hope with playing with other people that there really are nice people in World of Warcraft. Not everyone is a meanie!

Other items that I will never ever get rid of include:

Myrani's Ruby Shades. Heck yes! I love these and never thought that they would have been removed from the game. I will never sell them because I like having rare things! They also look amazing!

That concludes my post for this week on my favorite mementos and items. I am a packrat when it comes to gear but if I had to get rid of everything except a few items, the ones listed here are the ones I would keep.


  1. I need to pick up a Will of Arlokk before Zul'Gurub disappears forever. Back in Vanilla, my Nightelf Priest already had Benediction when it first dropped for our guild and so I couldn't justify taking it and my Undead Priest had the exalted AB staff which was better than anything anyone in our casual horde guild had, so I kept passing it. It's definitely one of my favourite looking weapons. Just hope my luck at getting it to drop is better than my luck at getting the ZG mounts to drop.

    I hadn't realised the ruby shades had been removed from the game. Makes me glad that my albeit rather abandoned bank alt has a pair on.

  2. hehe it seems some of us really DO have a thing for staves and trinkets. I feel relieved =)

    I remember staff of dominance and arlokk so well, but for me it was benediction and then the gavel of infinite woes back then.

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