October 19, 2010

Warcraft Overload: Too Much of Patch 4.0.1, Raiding, Farming, Alting, and Beta Information...

I'm feeling a little overwhelmed.  Are you?  I went to bed at 10 PM last night and before that had spent the evening cooking with my mother.  I definitely welcomed the break from herb farming.  With three different characters PLUS Hallow' End to do...well, my head is starting to hurt just thinking about it, and I'm an hour and a half--70 miles away from my computer.  I think I brought Ibuprofen with me.

First, the patch had so many different changes, so many new spells, that trying to tackle them on three toons (plus my slowly leveling paladin alt--she's now 42) has been a big challenge.  My UI is STILL busted, although at the moment I believe it IS working, it's just that Blizzard and their stupid disconnect bugs won't STOP.  Every time I switch characters--about my third swap my loading bar just gets stuck and boy is it [bleep]ing annoying.  Wow.  I have cursed like a sailor about ten times so far and flipped my computer the bird double that many times.  Most of the time it's directed at Blizzard.  Why is it not possible to release a product that at least doesn't D/C you every damn HOUR?  Occasionally when I zone into a BG, instance, or switch zones, it will do the "load the bar to full" and then crash.  I don't even get d/c'd, it's just a flat out 'let me toss myself off a cliff so you have to reopen me'.  I figured a week would be long enough to fix the broken crap, but, no, Blizzcon and their self indulgent weekend-of-overpriced-walking-around-a-convention-floor-to-stand-in-hour-long-lines-just-to-say-I-did is more important.  Well how about this.  HIRE some more techhie developers to come back and clean up the bugs that seem small but are in reality crashing the entire game repeatedly.  Quit sucking up money like a damn SUV gas hog and invest some of it back in your game and company through your employees.  If you don't fix things, eventually the game will start to go the way of the dodo.  Yes, it really will if you let it go on long enough.

Now that I've finished ranting about that (I'm afraid to raid, for what if I get d/c'd in the middle of a boss?)  let's go back to the spells.  I've tried to focus on just my shaman and druid at the moment, because Llani the resto shaman is a healer for our Wednesday night raid team. We missed it last week because our fearless leader forgot to download the patch ahead of time and his wife is also one of our team's DPSers.  Tonight (Tuesday the 19th) will probably be a casual run of something.  I intend to take Mushee the resto druid so I can get more used to healing on her.  I am really leaning toward my druid for Cataclysm still, but, it all depends on who wants to play what.  Druids don't have an instant heal like Shaman have with Riptide.  Priests have a similar heal in Circle of Healing, but it is instant only and not a HoT.  Riptide gives just enough of a buffer on a target that I can follow it up with a fairly quick heal, then maybe move to a longer one or a Chain Heal.  For druids...I feel like I'm still putting Rejuv on almost everyone who is going to take damage fairly shortly (or is), using Efflorescence (the big green puddle) and picking a tank to Lifebloom.  I am using Regrowth as my new Nourish and so far it has been working out alright. Nourish is MUCH cheaper, but slower to cast.  If you have a better grasp at predicting damage on your team, then Nourish is a great way to go.  But, you may have a few not-so-fast people in your raid that you may need to heal up very quickly.

Farming for herbs so far has been pretty good in the mornings on my days off, and pretty pitiful in the evenings when there is nobody around.  I ended up selling my herb stacks for 25g each and that is totally fine with me.  I can make money much faster this way and I always have a good 4-5 hour block of time per day to farm.  On Tue/Thurs I wake up at 5 AM, stay in town all day and am home by 7 PM.  I stay up late Tuesdays and Thursdays because (for now) I have no job (I applied at a farm supply store on Friday...cross your fingers!) and working outside on the farm only takes a few hours per day.  Maybe I will even start selling my gold to companies, who knows.  Maybe I will just become a full time vegetable farmer (wheeeee squash and pumpkins!)

Myrani the draenei protection paladin has reached level 42.  I blew through 32-36 in one sitting, then went to 40, then 42.  1-2 levels an evening seems to be OK. That's about an hour and a half or so.  I have paused for now while a friend of mine catches up and then I think I will be able to barrel through instances with a reliable pocket healer (it's weird being in the OTHER role...but I think it is a good learning experience for me).  Protection pally has been LOADS of fun and I can't imagine being any other class as a tank.  I plan to have her OS be holy, and her MS be protection.  She will be strictly for running heroics with the guild, and tanking things for the guild.  I think she will stick more to the casual raiding team because I am first and foremost a healer, tanking is "fun" but it doesn't appeal to me as a fulltime gig.  Overall, BOOM Avenger's Shield, BOOM Holy Wrath, BOOM Hammer of the Righteous!  Did I miss any mobs? Didn't think so!

As far as the Beta goes, I'm tired of reading about it.  At this point the only things I am interested in are the raids and the professions (so I know the fate of Dreamcloth).  I fully intend to take my sweet-ass time leveling to 85 on either Llani or Mushee first, then Nelena, then Myrani, then my BE priest on my other server (with a friend) and at the same time on the other Mushee, my Draenei Mage.  That will probably occupy me for the first year of the expansion.  By then our guild should be rank 25, if not sooner, and the first thing I intend to do when we get the patch is fish up 10,000 fish.  With my fishing expertise, I can easily do about 500 a day at the least, 1000 a day at the most.  That will give us a nice boost when it comes to raiding.  I don't mind being a little behind the gear curve as I do my research and know where to craft/get the best blues and epics for a starting raid set.  Plus, getting that fishing recipe will REALLY help us out.  Who knows, Mushee might even get a turtle out of it if I do all the fishing in pools in Northrend.  So far the raids sound quite exciting and involved, and that pleases me.  I like exciting (but not in a bang my head on the desk kind of way) raids that offer a challenge in the way of execution.  RNG based encounters do nothing but make me into a very mad and angry and frustrated pocket healer that snaps at people over vent :(  So please, Blizzard, no RNG based encounters.  Execution-based all the way.

That's where I stand at the moment...tonight I think I will just go straight to bed after doing my 3 Hallow's End randoms and daily "smash the pumpkin" quest.  I need a toothpick on Llani and Mushee and a pumpkin hat on Llani.  Myrani got the first set of toothpicks. Pfft.  Tomorrow I will try to get a little more organized.

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