October 28, 2010

Spotlight: Zinn's Thoughts on Priest Tier 11 (Amongst Other Things)

Go here, and read Zinn's (Jinxed Thoughts) post on all the previous tier sets, the next tier 11, and his thoughts on the other Tier 11 sets.  I cracked up several times...mostly when he wrote...(parts where I rofled in my chair are bigger):

"Tier 6, Vestments of Absolution/Absolution Regalia, was a step back from the pronounced design of tier 5. Instead we got a tier that made us look like Blackbrother Monks from the middle ages. Nothing wrong with that, one doesn't always want to run around looking like the Christmas Tree of Heaven (tier 5)."
But...I like looking like a Christmas Tree!
"Tier 10 continues the dark design from tier 9 and looks more magey or lockey than priesty really. Also I find the inverted pot we're supposed to wear on our heads looks completely ridiculous and I'd probably refuse to use it even if it was half-decent. Or hide it for sure."
I agree. I do not like the hat, which reminds me of a Jester's hat, just not as ridiculous.
"It is clear we're designed around the fact that alot of endgame Cataclysm takes place under water. Did they have to make us look like aquariums though? The head looks like some bad copy of some underwater suit and the shoulders... well where should I begin. Who ever thought running around with bird-baths on your shoulders would be a good idea should be sentenced to play the game eternally dazed."
Bwuahahaha.  Yep, they do look like bird-baths!  I do think priests get some great particle effects on our gear, and the way the chestpiece is high cut in the front really looks nice and creative.  I would like to see different skins that are designed that way.

Overall, to reply to Zinn, I think the tier looks unusual yet pleasant. I like it because of the high cut chest in front, and the shoulders do actually look nice with the particle effects.  It is a tiny bit over the top as I don't really understand why we couldn't have had some...watery wings or something, but, hey, at least we aren't paladins (go go Pink Rocky Ranger!)  Sorry Zinn, I have to disagree; I think the paladin set looks horridly bland and like something from Candyland.

Also, I got a new job (Friday/Saturday/Sunday/Monday) which I start on Nov. 5th.  I will not be updating these days nor doing much since I work 6 PM to midnight (ugh) but hey, money is money!  It's only until May also, then I will be in my last class and then graduated in August.

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  1. Wow thanks for the spotlight! Who new a litte good old nerdrage would get this attention ;) I'm glad you like the priest tier, that way not all priests will be as sad about running around like that as me ^^!