October 13, 2010

Jaina's Locket

I has.

My Wrath life is complete.

TY to Luxxe for selling it to me, it was worth every penny (30K).  I wanted this item so terribly badly because of the story of what could have been between Arthas Menethil and Jaina Proudmoore.  Their story makes me cry every time although there was a point in time when they were happy together, so that's how I choose to remember them.  Jaina's locket is a precious item that few people will ever have in the game.  It symbolizes how much Jaina and Arthas should have been together but due to destiny, could not be.  Someday, they will be together again.

Lady Jaina Proudmoore says: What's this!
Lady Jaina Proudmoore says: He... he kept it? All this time, he kept it!
Lady Jaina Proudmoore says: I knew!
Lady Jaina Proudmoore says: I sensed a part of him still alive! Trapped... struggling... Oh, Arthas!
Lady Jaina Proudmoore says: Perhaps - perhaps he might someday remember what he once was.
Lady Jaina Proudmoore says: By the Light, may he at last find rest, free from the icy grip of that terrible blade.
 If Jaina and Arthas had been able to stay together, and rule Lordaeron...they would have easily surpassed Tyrande and Malfurion in prominence.  They will forever be my favorite couple in Warcraft, but since their story is done for now, I will root for Tyrande and 'Furion while keeping my little locket close to heart as a reminder.  Who to carry it on is a different story *sigh*  I have my druid, my shaman, my priest...

RIP Arthas.

Jaina and Arthas, drawn by the lovely Mannakae.

From Uther to Mimblis

Mimblis Evermorne was a fellow paladin of Uther Lightbringer. This letter was sent in the year 24.
Mimblis, Greetings, my friend. I hope the Light finds you well.
The young Arthas fills me with hope. He recently became a full paladin, and is nearly all I could hope for in a Knight of the Silver Hand. He is strong and powerful, with a devotion to his people that borders on zealousness. He’s a fine paladin and will make a fine king when our beloved Terenas leaves us. Arthas has some growing to do, so I hope King Terenas will remain here for some time.
The only thing that bothers me about Arthas is that he has a disturbing quality in him. Sometimes, in training, I have seen him go a little far while sparring. He is so dedicating to winning the match that he forgets that it is only for training. He lacks control; I suppose it's a sense of ruthlessness that lies under his honorable exterior. I have full confidence that he will use this dedication to battle for his people, and I look forward to testing him. Once he really wets his sword, I can begin to teach him control. I don’t want to rein his power just yet, until I can see what he’s capable of.
Arthas loves his people very much. We recently visited some of the poorer villages outside of Lordaeron, giving healing to those in need. I wanted to test his healing powers, as well as see how he interacted with his people beyond the wealthy nobles in the city. He was full of pity for these people, weeping for a woman who had lost her leg in a wolf attack. After healing her pain, he set out on horseback, searching for the wolf. He slew three, bringing the pelts back to the woman to serve as her blankets. I was touched, but again, a little alarmed at his singlemindedness. She was grateful, and as we were there to serve the wounded and sick, our work was completed.
His relationship with Jaina Proudmoore is one I must watch. Lordaeron has never had a mage as a queen, but if she and Arthas wed, that’s what we will be faced with. Perhaps it will be a good union of magic and politics, or at least bring the mages and paladins closer together. I will watch them carefully. A good thing about Jaina is that she will soften his hard edges. While she attacks her obstacles with a firm and unyielding mind, she is more diplomatic and cerebral in her approach, while Arthas may simply hammer on something until it disintegrates. They will make a strong union: He is the naked steel of a sword, and she is a fist in a velvet glove. I have confidence that they will receive public support, and I will lend them my support as well. I watch Arthas training on the field, and feel he can take on anything. He attacks with a single-mindedness that I know he will apply toward anything in life, be it physical confrontations or political. King Terenas has a good son. I have total confidence in Arthas. Yes, he has more to learn, but don’t we all? He’ll overcome his weaknesses and become a wise king, in time.
Looking forward to our trip to Stratholme,
— Uther

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