January 29, 2011

RL has been Exciting...

And also kicking my butt.

I landed a new, full time, salaried job last week and started this past Tuesday.  The day I was given the offer I called my old boss and told her I'd be leaving.  She adknowledged it and I figured all was good. She said she wanted me to work the full two weeks and since it was on the weekends I figured fine, I'll do that.

Then she schedules me for a 2 PM to midnight shift. Umm, what?  My new job is 8-5, I told you that. I get that fixed.

Then I go into work last night and in her infinite wisdom she scheduled me for 5-midnight on a Monday.  What.

EDIT:  Apparently she hired another Stephanie.  My new boss is also a Steph.  SO MANY STEPHIES.  I need a better nickname than what they gave me, though.

I left her a note and will be calling her this morning because Sunday is my LAST DAY and the completion of my two weeks and I am under no obligation to stay longer.  I was quite pissed last night but I was able to rant it out on the phone on the way to my car.

OH, and this weekend, tonight, I am working a 2-midnight shift, and then a 9 AM to 6 PM shift on Sunday.

So long story short, I LOVE my new job.

My nickname at work is 'Wow', since my boss and co-worker asked me about my hobbies.  Well, once they found that out, I had a new nickname, lol.  They are both awesome and my boss says she has no complaints at all for the first week. Score!  My co-worker is wonderful and has been training/explaining everything very well.  I will be making the department SoP binder as my training commences.

For now though, I need to go grocery shopping because my roommates are two hungry boys and tend to eat everything in sight if you don't lock it down!

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