January 08, 2011

[Darkmoon Card: Tsunami] Acquired at the Last Minute

After deciding to undertake the task of procuring a card, I soon realized that farming herbs on Mushee, squishing herbs on Llani, and then having a guildie make cards was going to be a time consuming process.  I made about 7 cards before I decided to just splurge and purchase the cards with the 20K I had saved up.

The Ace, 8 and 5 came fairly easy -- I just bought them off the auction house for between 2500 and 3000.  One was 3500.  Yes, I paid a pretty penny to get this trinket finished before the faire expired.  I farmed materials for four more cards, but did not make any waves.  I went to sleep, woke up, and bought the 2, 4, and 6.  The 5 was given to my by a wonderful friend, Alexicon, which only left the 3.

Now, the 3 must be the elusive card of the waves set, because I checked both horde and alliance AH to no avail.  I farmed herbs for 2 more cards--nada.  Not a single wave card the entire process.  I'm getting frustrated.  All I'm trying to do at this point is gear up my healer with some nice items so that I can be the best I can be in my 10-man raid. 

Then, I see someone advertise that they are looking for a 2, 4, 6, and 8.  I realize that this means they have a 3.  I ask at first, and inquire if there is a chance I could offer them 5K for their three since it's the last card I need for my healing trinket. I'm promptly declined.  I go sit in the corner and mumble to a few friends about my predicament, depressed that a polite offer didn't get the job done.  I may not like the answer, but I don't push decisions.  If that didn't work, there was nothing else I could do but watch my work go to waste for four weeks until the faire returned.  I vent to a few friends with a few choice words but nothing can explain my frustration and disappointment at getting so close but failing.

Turns out I have two friends who know the person with the 3.  One of them, who must have wittier ways than I, manages to convince the 3-owner to part ways with it for me (still amazed by this).  A trade window pops up, and said friend has my precious 3.  He wouldn't take the money I wanted to give for it, so I am now sneaking to an alt to get a treasured item of mine (my Haunted Momento) to toss at him when he isn't looking. Hee hee.  I don't know how much he paid for it (if he did at all), and he'll never tell me.  Either way, I'm very grateful to him for being a sweetheart, knowing almost 99% of the people on the server, and somehow being able to convince people to part with items.  He is much wiser than moi.

In my excitement, I rush to Menethil, miss the boat, and while waiting for the next one, he whispers "What would you do if I said the faire was gone?"  And I almost start crying.  I check the calendar, and I begin to second guess the 11:59 PM time. Was it Friday at 11:59? No way.  When I tell him I will probably cry and laugh and then cry some more, he says, "(it's not gone)" and I shake my head.  Yes, I'm a very trusting person!

I make it to the fair, get my trinket, and proudly show it off.  Now we both have healing trinkets!  We spend a few minutes tossing leather balls around and I now feel like a huge load has been taken off my back.

As a thank you to the guy who parted with the three, and the put a " WTB 3 of Waves, =/ " in trade chat a few seconds later, I sent him a [Dizze's Whirling Robe] I had that was originally for my priesty.  Yeah, it's prolly overkill, but hopefully he'll understand.  My friend is getting a [Haunted Memento] shortly.  I believe in fair trades..and if someone parts with something dear to them, I part with something dear to me.

Overall, I feel frustrated. I wish I could have at least chosen what deck I wanted my cards to be from when I made my cards, instead of having the process create mostly useless Stones and Winds.  I did get a few Embers that are going to another friend/guildie who needs them.  My next goal for Llani is to finish her Archaeology and try to get [Tyrande's Favorite Doll] while I save up Valor points for her [Core of Ripeness].  If I get the Core before I get the doll, well, then I'll move over to the Tol'vir ring, [Ring of the Boy Emperor].

But, on the other hand, I feel like one big accomplishment is out of the way, much like when I got my [Elementium Stormshield] made.  So much work for one character...I don't think I will be putting a lot of major work into my priest anytime soon.  My druid is even further down the list...and just leveling my paladin is a success.

Once we get a few bosses in Blackwing Descent under our belt, I think I'll start taking Nelena to heroics.

/tucks her [Darkmoon Card: Tsunami] in her pocket and falls fast asleep!


  1. Wow! That is some dedication! Big grats :) It's an awesome trinket, you can really feel the difference when you use it.

  2. Gratz to you! =)
    It seems indeed to be a great choice, but unfortunately no option for me as I simply can't afford it. luckily there are few other options though, I have in fact just opened a trinket discussion topic for holy over @plusheal.com - time to plan ahead!

  3. TY TY! I think I'm going to take a break for a few days, heh. I'm just pooped out from the game already and we haven't even started raiding.