November 18, 2010

Wednesday Link Love

Since my next post is still in the works (it's on my UI, which I *think* I have finished to a point where I am content with it) I decided to give a little link love today on some helpful, and interesting topics.

Curious about where to go when December 7th hits?  Beruthiel has a detailed little post explaining where the new zones are, what level ranges the new dungeons have, and even included a snazzy map!

How about Rated Battlegrounds?  I'm pretty terrible at pvp, but Jason is not!

Brush up on your paper interview skills so your guild applications shine! (Learn more at Rank4HealingTouch.)

Food for Thought: What happens when your raid changes plans?  Zelmaru asks some very thoughtful questions on that issue we have all dealt with yet don't always talk about.

Psynister tears "hand me down" or Heirloom gear apart into all the different categories (what you should dress your toon in, what you should enchant it with, and even how to color coordinate it! He definitely covers it all.
Read and enjoy!

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