November 26, 2010

Llani the Kingslayer

I managed to convince a friend of mine to find 8 more people to finish up his 10 man ICC run.  We tried getting Been Waiting a Long Time for This a few times but kept messing up during phase 2 and 3.  After about 8 attempts we went ahead and just flat out killed him.  When we reached 10%, it was right when a bunch of vile spirits were about to land.  After we died en mass, I was open-mouthed thinking we had wiped due to exploding spirits.  Upon recognizing that we had WON, I shrieked and cheered and giggled like, well, a girl.  He didn't drop my mace, but, he did drop a nice [Tel'thas, Dagger of the Blood King] for me. OH yeah.

Fishing with one of my best friends, Timo.
I am sad that I missed last week's kill with <Vythis> but studying comes first. One of the healers that was present in last week's run was a healer I am very proud of; he went from knowing next to nothing about druid healing to rocking the socks off good ole' Arthas. On our server, GDKP (gold DKP) runs are very common, and earlier in the year I took him to a few to get him some starting gear.  From that he progressed into researching his class, learning his stats and gems, to rocking the healing meters with me.  I am happy he was there to help the guild get it's first batch of Kingslayers.  In the end, he stepped into a main healing role and was there to rock the healing on his own, like a pro!  

Hanging out with my peeps.
I am proud (and relieved) to have another quality healer to play with on a weekly basis (along with our other druid healer). One of our priest healers recently returned from a long absence, so I think our healing for Cataclysm is set.  We will probably roll druid/priest/shaman, as long as our priest sticks around.  Eventually I will have three healing toons I can swap in, but I know shaman the best.  My shaman is also DPS (I think it should be required for healers). I spent a majority of attempts on the LK tonight as elemental.  I even hit 10K DPS a few times!  Most of the time I hovered around 8 or 9, which I think is pretty good for not having played elemental in a LONG time.

With roughly a week and a half to go until Cataclysm is live, I am still thinking about which class I want to play.  When I consider my druid and priest, it comes down to one fact: I think I would miss my shaman way too much to shelve her as my main.  I started out as a shaman in this game, and when I finally was able to play her again, I was ecstatic.

Shaman is the class I can relate to the most.  Shaman is outdoorsy, elemental, in tune with the earth, cool, classy, yet still fun.  Shaman is lighthearted, not as tree-huggy as the druid, yet not as religious and prim as the priest.  She's not as backwoods as the nature lover but not as worldly as the holy healer.  She's a spiritual leader that communes with the earth, wind, water, and flames--the elements that make up the world.  She has half her faith in the Earthmother and the other half in Elune; she believes the light exists in spiritual fragments that are ever present in every being on Azeroth.  She believes you have to understand the foundation to understand the world.

Funny, that's how I feel.  

I don't relate entirely with the green swirly druid. I don't relate entirely with the golden sparkling priest.  

I definitely relate to the shaman.

Looks like I found my answer.
We got this.


  1. big big gratz! awesome fight is it not? :)

  2. Huge grats! That 10% thing is *sadistic* I tell ya. We're never sure if we've wiped or won - and the noise of vent is incredible.

    Also I can't believe you rejecting priestly sparkles :/

  3. Congratulations on the achievement! And even more congratulations on deciding which character you'll continue into Cataclysm with - it's an achievement in itself. ;)

  4. @Moonra--TY! Oh yes! It was a very exciting fight, and it felt so easy once everyone stopped focusing on the whole picture and instead focused on their individual roles. There's so much that you don't need to worry about on normal--you just need to know who to heal, and when. Also, once you get a North-South "safe zone" designated for running away from Defile, it's even easier.

    @Tam--I was so scared when we all died! I was actually being chased by spirits at the time and unfortunately had nowhere to run but toward the group, and I thought surely I had just massacred my entire 10 man party *jawdrop* But then the LK started rambling and I realized we had won :-)

    Priestly sparkles are actually very high on my list, so Nelena may end up being my primary alt. I miss her! Druid...just feels like my "fun" class, not really my main, but of course I still show her love.

    @Vid--TY! I had sooo much fun killing Arthas. It was sad to see him go but also felt good to know he wouldn't suffer any more. Although he did go into the darkness so HMM...who knows what fate befell him! I am happy that I selected Llani, I knew she would probably win all along. :-)