February 18, 2011

Healing Synergy

Last night was an excellent night for raiding in my guild. If Blizzard wants to know how the normal, fulltime job WoW player progresses through raids, they can look at me. My GL even started the raid 30 minutes early so I could head to sleep sooner (plus, his wife is not fond of finishing so late either).

Wednesday night scenario: Sub-par DPS, People without enchants. 2 druids + 1 shaman healer.
Thursday night scenario: Amazing DPS, everyone enchanted. 1 druid, 1 shaman, 1 paladin healer.

Wednesday night was a mess. Tonight went well.[Security Measure Alpha] dropped, and despite my urging for our druid to take it, he forced me to roll and of course when that happens...I usually win, and did. So, I have some shiny new bling bling.

What made tonight different was everyone brought their A-game. Wednesday night, there were unenchanted people, and people who, despite how much I like them, were just not pulling their weight. This frustrated some people, but, I hoped that they were taking notes on the encounters.

When healing with two druids and me, I felt that we all ran out of mana faster. When we had the paladin + the druid + me, I felt like we had a balance of HoTs, direct healing power, and hybrid power.

Last night, when we went back in, we three-shot Omnitron and two-shot Magmaw. We went to work on Maloriak and made some decent dents in him.

The one question I am wondering, though, is...

Will shoulders and helms be available for justice points when the tiers swap?

I really want to be able to have pretty alts.


  1. I agree that having a nice healing setup really works magic for healing overall. Not sure if I think it is awesome or not so good... I like it because I happen to be in a well balanced healing group, but it wouldn't be as fun if I were in a guild with only healers of one class, although they should be able to perform as well. Or should they? Hmmm (also my captcha was Aspuker o.O)

  2. Sorry to hear about the Wednesday night run, but I am glad that Thursday turned out great! It is interesting to see the complement that a variety of healers bring to the raid. I would figure a healer is a healer is a healer, but that is apparently wrong. Hopefully, I can gear Andar soon and get to raiding with y'all. Have fun out there!