February 26, 2011

February 20, 2011


February 18, 2011

Healing Synergy

Last night was an excellent night for raiding in my guild. If Blizzard wants to know how the normal, fulltime job WoW player progresses through raids, they can look at me. My GL even started the raid 30 minutes early so I could head to sleep sooner (plus, his wife is not fond of finishing so late either).

Wednesday night scenario: Sub-par DPS, People without enchants. 2 druids + 1 shaman healer.
Thursday night scenario: Amazing DPS, everyone enchanted. 1 druid, 1 shaman, 1 paladin healer.

Wednesday night was a mess. Tonight went well.[Security Measure Alpha] dropped, and despite my urging for our druid to take it, he forced me to roll and of course when that happens...I usually win, and did. So, I have some shiny new bling bling.

What made tonight different was everyone brought their A-game. Wednesday night, there were unenchanted people, and people who, despite how much I like them, were just not pulling their weight. This frustrated some people, but, I hoped that they were taking notes on the encounters.

When healing with two druids and me, I felt that we all ran out of mana faster. When we had the paladin + the druid + me, I felt like we had a balance of HoTs, direct healing power, and hybrid power.

Last night, when we went back in, we three-shot Omnitron and two-shot Magmaw. We went to work on Maloriak and made some decent dents in him.

The one question I am wondering, though, is...

Will shoulders and helms be available for justice points when the tiers swap?

I really want to be able to have pretty alts.

February 16, 2011

I Think I've Stabilized...

The last time I posted, I had just accepted a new job offer with a pretty nice company in town.  That company is owned by a much bigger international company, therefore my job is quite fun and exciting. I've met dozens of new people and my coworker (yes, 1) is absolutely tons of fun and friendly.  We have a softball game Tuesday night so I need to go buy a new mitt.  Throughout the week, though, I wanted to play WoW but came home so tired...it just wasn't happening. Plus, our GM was out of town on a business trip this week.  I feel like the slacker officer but I've had to get used to this new "wake up at 6" and "go to bed at 11" schedule.  It's a lot different from working 2 PM to midnight.

I'm so glad those days are DONE!

As of right now, I have someone I am dating, the same person I've been dating for a year or so that also lives a decent distance away.  I have plans to visit in April or May.  He's coming to visit in May for a few weeks.  Until then, there's not much to do in my free time except workout, cook, try new recipes, play WoW, and work during the week.  I live with two other guys (my friend + his little brother) but there's only so much time I want to spend watching NASCAR.

As a result, I think I now feel like I can play Wednesday and Thursday nights and get enough sleep without feeling like a truck hit me the next morning.

So, orders of business.

  • That Grid article really needs an update.  I'll either redo it from scratch again or switch to VuhDoo.
  • My druid is 85. Priest is 82. She'll be 85 eventually. Paladin is slowly creeping up there.  Official off server alts are mage, hunter, rogue, and horde priest.
  • Write something interesting that hasn't been written about that is helpful to the current Cataclysm healing community, instead of just me babbling about my life (there's only so much of that you want to read, I know. I'm a fairly good looking female who works in an office where all the young men are married and the old guys are too.)
As far as that...stay tuned. I'm going home this weekend so I may find time to update on my laptop or something.

Either way, I'm still alive...I just only play Wed. and Thurs. nights now + weekends. I'm just too time crunched for anything else.  Food to buy, errands to run!